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The innovation lab depends on grants and donations to be able to provide free programs to the community.

Example Programs

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Here are some past programs we've hosted:

Audio Engineering / Beat Making / DJ'ing

Ages 13-17

Student DJs will learn through practical application music theory and DJ History, song structure and basic mixing/blending. They will also learn mixing hardware and software, rhythm and proper song placement.

Sew Theory

Ages 11-17

In this age of wearable technology the iLab has a new eTextile program which allows young fashionistas to explore the marvelous world of fashion and sewing. Students engage in heavy math as everything fashion includes measurements and some form of adding and subtracting. Students will get a front row seat on how to cut, sew, and measure, all while learning history on top tier designers. Students will complete several sewing projects that they can keep, give away as a gift, or sell to family and friends.

Story Game Coding

Ages 11-17

Students will create playable stories with Episode Interactive software! In this camp they will design and code their own visual story game using a custom programming language, moving characters around and offering choices for players to affect the story's outcome.

Snap! Coding

Ages 11-17

Students will learn to code using the drag-and-drop, block-based programming language Snap! They will also create a timed game, generate a virtual flower garden, and more in this fun-filled camp for beginner and experienced programmers alike.

Digital Art Camp

Ages 11-14

The Digital Art Camp is for students interested in building their art skills using the latest technologies. Students will use Corel Draw, Ultimaker 3D printer, Gravity Sketch VR, and other art hardware/software which will be featured in an Art Exhibit.

Graphic Design

Ages 16+

Learn graphic design in this class over three Wednesday nights: November 2nd, 9th, & 16th! Students will make their own logos using the Inkscape vector graphics software.

Ableton and Serato Camp
with DJ Rick Geez

Ages 11-14

Students will receive a hands-on studio experience using the latest recording technology. This program will include math and songwriting with the same software and hardware used by industry recording studios.

Introduction to AutoCAD

Ages 16+

Students will learn basic two‐dimensional computer aided drafting (CAD) with AutoCAD, the most popular CAD software used by architects, engineers, surveyors, and others in construction and manufacturing fields.

Social Entrepreneurship

Ages 6-10+

Students will discover their inner entrepreneur while making a difference in the world. They will become social entrepreneurs as they create a product that will raise funds and be used to solve a social problem. They will learn entrepreneurial principles while gaining an understanding of the social issue and develop a business plan.  

Intro to Game Development

Ages 13-17

Learn the art of making video games: game design, programming, and more! Use Unity 3D and C# to make your own games. No previous experience required.

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